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Eagle AC '12 Runs of Christmas' - Week 1

The Eagle AC '12 Runs of Christmas' 2020 got off to a great start this week! The first 3 runs of the series were sent to members by email last Sunday and it was brilliant to see the various runs being logged by members throughout the week. Over 50 members have logged their Week 1 runs at this stage.

Each of the 12 runs over the month have a seasonal theme and incorporate a mixture of fun novelty runs and more serious interval/ tempo sessions. On the 'to do' list this week ( Monday 23rd November to Sunday 29th November) were ......

1. Lapland Run: It's 4 weeks until we start Christmas week! Pick a loop & run 4 laps, winding up the Christmas spirit!

2. The 12 Reps of Christmas: Find a hill & pick the pace, (make it 'tasty') run up the hill for 12 seconds, recovery jog back to the start & repeat 12 times!

3. A Starry Night Run: Show us the winter skies of Christmas where you live on a run under the stars with a photo

So, lots of photos of loops, hills and stars were forwarded during the week. (Apologies for the lack of cloudless skies which made run #3 a little more difficult!!)




It was super to see members still being so active, motivated and enthusiastic re. their running, even during these very strange and challenging times. Proving this point perfectly was Damien Malone who chose to do his hill repeats up Patrick's Hill!!

Possible future members of Eagle AC even joined in on the fun this week - we got some great photos from Lily, Niamh, Oliver and Keelin - well done guys! Special mention to Oliver who completed all of his mum Robyn's 'Starry Night Run' with her! Very impressive stuff Oliver! A future running 'star' himself maybe! Well done to Michelle Traynor also who persuaded her class to join her for her 'Lapland Run' by running 4 laps of their school yard together!!

Robyn, Niamh and Oliver



Our resident Eagle AC sprinting expert and current M70 Irish National 200m champion Hugh McSweeney proved that the series is for both short and long distance runners alike by sending in his 3 sessions this week. Hugh doesn't have a GPS watch so couldn't log his runs but informs us that his son and fellow club member Niall can vouch for all sessions being completed in full!

Hugh McSweeney taking on the hills!

Not letting recent injuries get in the way, Ruairi Egan completed all 3 sessions this week which was brilliant to see. Tim McCarthy too, coming back from injury completing all 3 runs, despite protesting that the '12 pubs of Christmas' would have been a more manageable session that the '12 Hills'!!

Tim McCarthy

Well done and thank you to all those who have logged runs this week. Anyone who has not done so yet, please send details on as soon as possible to Elaine, Karen, Mairead or Ruairi.

Week 2 will begin tomorrow and Karen will send out runs number 4-6 this evening. ( Be warned - the runs get even more festive as the month goes on!!) A reminder to all to please send all three runs of each week together, before Sunday evening each week. This allows you a little flexibility mid-week to fit in the three runs, and we can compile them each week then. A reminder too to our Eagle Wheelers that we are happy to replace the 'run' with 'cycle' in all the runs/challenges set! 'Walks' are also definitely acceptable for anyone who may be injured at the minute. Emphasis is on a bit of festive fun and an excuse for us all to just get out the door!

Denis found the stars!

Remember that everyone who completes the series will be in with a chance of winning one of 2 running hampers, worth over €100 each. We will also have some spot prizes along the way, so even if you can't manage all 12 runs, please consider participating in any way you can!

This is a free event with the emphasis on motivation and connection as a club. However if possible we would encourage people to make a voluntary contribution of €12 to a charity that has come to fore in the running community recently- Warren's fight against Hurler Syndrome Warren's family are very active on the Cork running scene. Any amount that members could contribute, we are sure would be very much appreciated.

Happy running all and enjoy Week 2! And please, as always, adhere to all current HSE guidelines restrictions whilst logging runs.

Hills Session for Joe Murphy

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