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The club gear is managed by Siobhn Holland (singlets) and Daniel Dransfield (online shop)

We launched our new online shop recently which carries a great range of Eagle AC branded gear:

Ladies Performance Lightweight Quarter Zip.png

Ladies Performance Lightweight Quarter Zip

Mens Tee Shirts Black & White.png

Mens Tee Shirts Black & White

Mens Performance Lightweight 1-4 Zip.png

Mens Performance Lightweight 1/4 Zip

Unisex Fitted Performance Hoodie.png

Unisex Fitted Performance Hoodie

Ladies Tee Shirts Black & White.png

Ladies Tee Shirts Black & White

Unisex Leisure Hoodies.png

Unisex Leisure Hoodies

Unisex Midlayer 1-4 Zip.png

Unisex Midlayer 1/4 Zip

Ladies Leggings.png

Ladies Leggings

Skinny Pants.png

Skinny Pants

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