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Joining Eagle AC is easy, just turn up at the CIT track in Bishopstown on a Tuesday or Thursday evening between 6.45pm – 7.45 pm and try us out.


Please do have a read of our track guidelines (link) before attending, just for everyone’s safety.

Currently, the Club comprises approximately 150 adult members. Standard of members varies from Beginner & Novice to more experienced and ages range from the early 20’s to 70+ so there will definitely be a group for you.

Location Eagle.png

We recommend that you try a few sessions before committing yourself to joining, We’d be happy to accommodate you, so why not give it a go! If you then want to join, see the details below:

Please note that all new membership applications must be approved and the club reserves the right to refuse membership.

This year we have switched to the Athletics Ireland platform which should make the process simpler. We have reverted to the pre-pandemic membership rates of €50 for single membership and €60 for 2 person family membership (See further details below for larger family memberships). For those of you that have joined us as new members since 1st September 2022 you have been automatically re-registered for 2023 so you can sit back and relax for another year.

For everyone else all you have to do is:-

  • Click on the Athletics Ireland Membership page to access your existing membership, using your email and password (Password reset is available should have forgotten your password).

  • Once onto your membership page you should be presented with the option of renewing your membership for 2023.

  • Once you have selected Eagle AC as your club you will be presented with options for

    • “federation membership”, which is the annual charge for membership of Athletics Ireland – please select “Senior Membership 2023” (€20) – we are a Senior Only club.

    • “club membership”, which is the annual charge for membership of Eagle AC – please select the only available option “Single Membership” (€30)

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