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Dublin City Marathon Memories

On any other year many of us would right now, be getting ready to toe the line at the Dublin City Marathon 2020. Unfortunately this year was to have other plans for us! However to mark the occasion we have gathered a few memories and photographs from members of their most memorable/enjoyable DCM moments. Thanks to all those who sent photos in. Hopefully normal service will resume in 2021 but for now these will have to do !

Colin O'Herlihy

2012 DCM, home straight, on the way to first sub-3, home in 2:55. Was stuck on a PB of 3:00:28 for a couple of years at that point and was worrying I would never go sub-3 but just had one of those perfect days when all the training clicked into place. I really should be happier in this photo though you would think!!

Pat O'Connor

Dublin 2017 greatest ever feeling crossing the line in 2:48 a big PB!

Aoife Cooke

I have so many photos I love from last year's Dublin City Marathon. But this has to be one of my favourites ....... all of the gang together afterwards!

Damian Kenneally

Proving that Damian and Aoife are spending way too much time together , they both picked the same photo! :-)

Joe Murphy

My first marathon coming into the finish , 1982

Nora Corcoran

Dublin Marathon 2012 with Edwina

Ed Fitzgerald

2012 before I joined Eagle. Had been running for 16 months, not a notion what I was doing!!It was run in honor of my Dad who passed away that March.4h56 mins later! Grief can be some motivator I'll tell ya.

Karen Bevan

I think my favourite thing about Dublin is everyone being at the start line together! The work is done, you have friends to share the journey with & the promise of a great get together afterwards!!

Derek Costello

First Marathon - DCM 2010

Elaine Guinane

Coming into finish line of my first Dublin marathon 2010 and my third marathon overall. Not my PB but the marathon where I made huge progress from previous one (17 min pb at the time), didn't even own a Garmin and just went start to finish as fast as possible without a clue of pace!

Tim McCarthy

DCM 2013 - First Marathon

Olive Dooley

DCM 2015 - My 2nd marathon and 1st sub 4!

Grellan McGrath

DCM 2011. Hanging on to the 3 hour Pacers at mile 25. Blew up half a mile later but got my first Sub-3. Pain (written all over my face) is temporary and is soon forgotten. Although the photo, courtesy of Joe Murphy, brings me back to the suffering!!

Mairead Lonergan

DCM 2017 - First Dublin City Marathon. First post race meet up in Doheny and Nesbitts too!!

Ruairi Egan

DCM 2019

Derek O Keeffe

DCM 2014 with Eagle AC clubmates Alan, Viv and Donnacha.

Dermot Slyne

First , Best , Last ! ( We presume by last, he means most recent!!)

Donal Dowling

DCM 2018

Sandra Manning

DCM 2019

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