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Eagle AC - '12 Runs of Christmas' 2020

Eagle AC '12 Runs of Christmas'

Let's face it, it's been a year like no other. In the absence of Turkey trots, Goal Miles, charity 5kms, winter marathons and whatever other seasonal running activities you may take part in, Eagle AC recognise the importance of staying connected through running and supporting each other, albeit from a distance, this festive season!

Therefore, we would like to officially announce the launch of...

The 12 Runs of Christmas!

What is it?

12 runs, from the sublime to the ridiculous, from Mince pie miles to Lapland loops, from 'Rain'deer runs to Running 'elfies'. (We can't promise that's the last of the puns).How will it work?For four weeks, starting next Sunday night, Nov.22nd, Karen will send out three runs for the week- these, as always, can be done at your own pace on whichever days suit you, adhering of course to the current NPHET restrictions. Each run will have a seasonal theme and will incorporate a mixture of fun novelty runs and more serious interval/ tempo sessions. All we ask you to do is send some evidence of your run (selfie, elevation profile, map etc. ) and send it to Elaine, Mairead, Karen or Ruairi. Please send all three runs of each week together, before Sunday evening each week. This allows you a little flexibility mid-week to fit in the three runs, and we can compile them each week then.

Is there an entry fee?

As always, this is a free event with the emphasis on connecting and communicating as a running club. We do, however, encourage people to make a voluntary contribution of €12 to a charity that has come to fore in the running community recently- Warren's fight against Hurler Syndrome Warren's family are very active on the Cork running scene and many clubs have helped out with some vital fundraising.

Is there a prize?

YES! We have sourced and put together a number of hampers for the winners, which will be picked from those who manage to undertake all 12 runs! Thank you to our personal shopper in 'The Edge Sports' for buying a few great running bits for the hampers!!We will also have some spot prizes along the way, so even if you can't manage all 12 runs, please consider participating in any way you can!

One of the hampers up for grabs!

What next?

Wait for Karen's email on Sunday, keep an eye on Facebook for reminders, and... GET OUT AND RUN! Send your details of each block of runs before Sunday evening each week to one of the following (email or Whatsapp!): Elaine, Mairead, Karen, or Ruairi.

Happy running!!

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