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Eagle AC '12 Runs of Christmas' - Week 4 and Final Results

The Eagle AC '12 Runs of Christmas' Series for 2020 drew to a close over the weekend after a very successful ( and competitive!) 4th week of festivities.

The runs for Week 4 were:

#10. Christmas 3's: Light up the roads or the track with some 'Christmas Trees' this week! Warm up, 3 mins to shine & 90 secs to recharge, repeat 5-6 times. (aim for 5k pace) #11. Making Progress to Christmas: Let's build the excitement, this is a progression run over 10 miles/km's; the only rule is the mile/km you are in must be faster than the run you just finished! #12.Option 1 Mapping the way to Christmas:Plan your route & map out a Christmas image on your run. #12. Option 2 Christmas Cheer: Get the family/friends out for a run walk cycle and make it festive. Wear your Christmas Jumper, Hat or Antlers! Send us a photo

Our Christmas 3's run was perfect for our weekly track sessions at CIT - 3 minute repeats with 90 second recoveries. Lots of members got this run ticked off their list at CIT on either Tuesday or Thursday night.

Our Making Progress to Christmas run was completed mainly on the roads - participants had to complete a 10 mile/km run with each mile being faster than the last. Dermot Slyne kept a close eye on this one for us to make sure that all rules were being adhered to!! :-)

Our 'Mapping the Way to Christmas' run was the one where things really began to get competitive however! This run involved planning and running a route which mapped out a Christmas image. Some extremely impressive entries were received for this one - everything from reindeers ( lots of reindeers!), angels, presents, Christmas trees, Christmas stockings and festive greetings! There were 4 separate spot prizes, courtesy of 'The Edge Sports' up for grabs for this run and after much deliberation the following 4 entries were chosen as winners -

  1. Michelle Cheung, Sean Lucey, Jack Murphy - Reindeer ( Ye can fight over the voucher guys!)

  2. Tamara Lopez - Christmas Angel

  3. Donal Dowling - Happy Christmas plus sock!

  4. Glenn Kenneally - Reindeer

Others chose the Christmas Cheer Run Option for No. 12 and we received some great family photos from this run. Olga and Govinda O'Sullivan even completed their festive walk on Irelands highest mountain! No half measures for those two!

All members who completed the 12 runs were placed in a prize draw for two running hampers. Each of these hampers, which are worth €100 each contained a wide range of running related items such as gloves, buffs, a running torch, hat, hi-vis gear , a running belt and a variety of gels. The two winners drawn were Joe Murphy and Hugh McSweeney. Well done guys and we will get the hampers to you as soon as possible.

A big thank you on behalf of the organisers of the event ( Karen, Elaine, Ruairi and Mairead ) to the over 50 club members who participated in the series over the past 4 weeks. The series hopefully provided some kind of motivation to us all to get out the door during December and also hopefully provided a little festive fun to members and their friends/family! Thanks to all those who sent on runs, photos, Strava masterpieces etc! Thanks to 'The Edge Sports' also for providing vouchers for our spot prizes as well as helping us to stock our prize hampers!

Who knows, the '12 Runs' might even become an annual club event! :-)

Wishing all our club members a very peaceful and happy Christmas and New Year.

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