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Eagle AC Charity Runs April 2020

With racing as we know postponed for the foreseeable future it was great to see club members taking part in a number of charity and virtual runs over the past number of weeks, all while complying with the HSE guidelines currently in place.

Daniel Luxton - Garden Run

A number of members took part in a 10k Garden Challenge on Easter Saturday, which saw them running laps of their gardens until they had completed the 10k distance! It was great to see a large number of other family members getting involved in the fun also! All who participated donated money to the very worthy Feed the Heroes cause. Former club member Jonathan Kenneally was the organiser of this event.

Siobhan Holland and her daughter completing the Garden 10k Challenge

Members have also been busy participating in the first 2 BHAA Virtual 5K races. The 1st race helped to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society, while last weeks race was in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland. Lots of club members spotted in the top category positions - see below for full results! Well done to all!

BHAA Virtual 5k No. 1 - In aid of Irish Cancer Society

Pat O'Connor - 1st M50 Tom Fox - 1st M55 Noel O'Connor - 1st M60 Siobhan Holland - 1st F40 Frances O'Connor - 2nd F60

BHAA Virtual 5k No. 2 - In aid of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland

Richard Hawkins - 2nd M50 Thomas Fox - 1st M55 Denis Carroll - 1st M60 Joe Murphy - 3rd M60 Andrew O'Farrell - 1st M65 Tamara Lopez - 2nd F35 Siobhan Holland - 1st F40 Elaine Guinane - 2nd F40 Olga O'Sullivan - 3rd F40

Joe Murphy - 3rd M60 - BHAA Virtual Race No. 2

Olga O'Sullivan - 3rd F40 - BHAA Virtual Race No. 2

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