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Eagle AC Member Profile: Anne Lucey Murphy

Eagle AC Member Profile:

Name: Anne Lucey Murphy Member of Eagle AC since: I first joined in 1984.

How long have you been running what made you take it up: I first started running in 1984, I wanted to run the minimarathon it was 10k then but I ended up doing the Dublin Marathon!

Favourite thing about running: I think the high you get when you have a good race. Having a great chat after with the rest of the runners over a cup of tea also.

Favourite race distance to run: My favourite then was the ten milers, but now i appreciate doing the 5k.

What is your main goal for this year: To keep staying fit and to get over injuries.

Your best race/most memorable racing moment to date: My first marathon in Dublin 1984,I was so delighted to finish it.My most memorable run was the Breakfast Run in New York before the marathon.

Tell us something most people might not know about you: I was a pitch and putt player

Biggest heroes (sporting or non-sporting): My biggest hero would have to be Sonia without a doubt, the next was the golfer Severiano Ballesteros know as Seve!

One bit of advice you would give to someone thinking of taking up running: My advice would be start small, easy steps first, listen to your own body

3 things you would take with you onto a desert island: First I would take a few murder books, next would have to be Joe and then of course, my running shoes

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