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Eagle AC Member Profile : Michelle Cheung

Name: Michelle Cheung

Member of Eagle AC since:

Back in January 2019 when I was already beginning to enjoy running, I discussed with my friend Jack Murphy about us joining a club in Cork together. We naturally picked Eagle due to its great reputation and our good friend Sean Lucey was already an active member who spoke highly of the club. We tried out a few sessions and loved it. Soon after we took the plunge of signing up.

How long have you been running and what made you take it up:

I started running in the early summer of 2018. I initially took up running because I wanted to lose some weight and I was also looking to improve my overall fitness. I was already going to the gym religiously but I thought regular running would be a good addition since it was cardio based. I first started running regularly with a group in work during lunch breaks and this is where it all began. Soon after I got addicted and needed my regular fix!

Favourite thing about running:

The social aspect as well as all the food and coffee after Saturday group runs with friends (I miss these! #hatinglockdown) The endorphin rush after having finished a long run or race is almost impossible to beat.

Can you remember the first Eagle AC member(s) you ran with:

Jack Murphy, a really good old friend from college. We went to our first track session together in CIT on 10th January 2019 where we discussed our running goals, life, hopes and dreams! We also regularly ran with Sean Lucey who was already a member.

Favourite Cork race and why:

I know this isn’t based in Cork, but my favourite race was The Hardman Half Marathon in Valentia back in April 2019. It was my very first half marathon. It was such a great feeling achieving this goal especially when I had all my friends and family there to support me. The beautiful location mixed with the buzz of all the other runners there made the whole thing a great experience and something I won't forget.

Ultimate/Overall running goal:

To eventually complete a full marathon and who knows maybe one day to do the runDisney in Paris #wheredreamscometrue!

Most memorable/funniest running moment to date:

My regular running group had just completed a long run in Blackrock on a Sunday. Naturally after all our hard work we went to the Blackrock Sunday Market to get some much-needed grub and refreshments! I as always got into my role of photographer and started snapping some shots for Instagram. Overly excited by the perfect setting and framing of my running buddies I walked right into some doggy doodoo. This led to my groups infamous boomerang of me cleaning my poor runners. From this day forth I always watch my footing (which also helps in my running!)

Tell us something most people might not know about you:

I'm Asian.

Biggest heroes (sporting or non-sporting):

My Dad - Incredible hard worker with a crazy good attitude and work ethic. He grew up in a big family in Hong Kong. Always wanting more out of life for himself and to provide for his family he came to Ireland to start his own business and to start his own family (lucky me!). He is always an inspiration and is always there for me when I need any help with anything.

One bit of advice you would give to someone thinking of taking up running: Set yourself goals but start small. Weekly runs, bi weekly runs, increasing your distance etc. Try run with a group when you can as having this social element increases the fun and likelihood that you'll keep it up. When you're ready, try to sign up for some races so that you have something to work toward and train for. The end results and how you'll feel about yourself afterwards is indescribable.

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