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Eagle AC Member Profile: Robyn Dransfield

Name: Robyn Dransfield

Member of Eagle AC since: January 2019

How long have you been running and what made you take it up?:

I have run my whole life but never considered myself to be a runner until recently. I never just went out for a run, it was always as a warm up for a sports training rather than the training itself. After having kids I started running because it was a quick and (somewhat) easy way to get in some exercise without going far from home or having to stick to a class timetable at the gym. My first target run was the Amsterdam 8km race in 2013. I loved the atmosphere and the rush of adrenaline at the start line and finishing in the Olympic stadium was pretty cool too. From there I was keen to work towards longer runs and quicker times. I have definitely caught the running bug!

Favourite thing about running:

I love the way I feel when I get in from a run. I have a sense of accomplishment and a clear head. I never used to run without music but I have learned to love it and I find the quiet time therapeutic.

Favourite race distance to run:

I really like 10km races but my favourite is the half marathon.

What is your main goal for this year?:

My main goal for 2020 was to race a sub 2 hour half marathon. I achieved this goal in October at the Virtual Dublin Marathon with the help of my husband and pacer Dan. It was a really proud moment for me and my family!

Your best race/most memorable racing moment to date:

I think the one that stands out the most would be the John Buckley 10 mile race in 2019 where I was able to run 13 minutes quicker than I had in the previous year's race.

Tell us something most people might not know about you:

I lived in Ireland for almost 8 years before I swam in the sea. Terrible, I know! Now that we moved to Crosshaven I have certainly come to really love sea swimming. Maybe a triathlon is in my future..?

Biggest heroes (sporting or non-sporting):

My biggest inspiration for running is my brother Chris. He has completed 2 Ironman 70.3 races, countless marathons, qualifying for Boston, Chicago and New York. His goal is to run all 6 of the Abbott World Marathon Majors. His determination is admirable and contagious. My other major inspiration is my mum who came to running in her 50s and ran her first marathon when she was 53. She started slow but through hard work and commitment she has achieved some amazing goals and I'm really proud of her accomplishments.

One bit of advice you would give to someone thinking of taking up running: Give yourself time to settle into running. Not everyone is a natural runner, I never thought I was. It takes time and consistency to become comfortable out on the roads/trails. Also, definitely join a club. Eagle AC has given me so much motivation and support over the almost 2 years I have been with the club. Being part of a team is a wonderful feeling.

3 things you would take with you onto a desert island:

I would bring good book, the pillow from my bed and a surf board. I'll have plenty time on my hands so might as well learn a new sport!

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