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Eagle AC Member Profile: Tamara Lopez

Tamara Lopez

Name: Tamara Lopez

Member of Eagle AC since: October 2019

How long have you been running ? What made you take it up?: Since 2004. Some friends persuaded me to do a sprint triathlon, I could swim and cycle but couldn't run at all. Somehow managed the 5k in the tri, and next thing I know we were signed up to a 10k.

Favourite thing about running: How accessible it is.

Favourite race distance to run: Half marathon - I find it easier to maintain a pace and they're not as tiring as marathons :)

What is your main goal for this year: To discover some trail running routes. (The race goals I think are gone for this year)

Your best race/most memorable racing moment to date: Best race was Edinburgh marathon - big PB for me and got me a place in London marathon (my then home marathon), Can't choose just one for most memorable, but I love short summer races that involve picnic/coffee/beer after.

Tell us something most people might not know about you: I cannot wink. It's impossible.

Biggest heroes (sporting or non-sporting): Paula Radcliffe

One bit of advice you would give to someone thinking of taking up running: Start with couch to 5k.

3 things you would take with you onto a desert island: Kindle, running shoes, hammock

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