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Results from the 2016 Barcelona Marathon

last year when 8 members traveled, a total of 11 members made the trip this year. After months of training, there were plenty of personal best times recorded with some doing their very first marathon. These are the Eagle results.... Damian Kenneally 5871...3:13:43 Michael Forde 6626...3:16:29 Glenn Kenneally 5031...3:23:39 Martin O'Leary 6487...3:30:58 Amy Newman 9162...3:40:07 Karen Bevan 16094...3:53:06 Derek Costello 9005...3:54:30 Alan Foley 4118... 3:57:15 Tim McCarthy 6836...3:58:46 John Dunleavy 14685...4:06:03 Jacek Jabkiewicz 4188...4:11:22 It wasn't all running of course. Some of the group traveled to the Barcelona V Getafe CF football match on the Saturday (Barcelona 6 : Getafe CF 0) after a light 3km jog that morning. 2017...???

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